Are You Undervaluing Your Land Surveying Services?

Land surveying technology has vastly improved since George Washington first dragged a chain across Mount Vernon. GPS, CORS, VRS, and now drones have made taking measurements more accurate and efficient. As you adopt greater efficiencies, it makes sense to pass along savings to your clients so you can remain competitive and not be outbid. But are you selling yourself too short?

In your enthusiasm to exploit these new efficiencies, don’t forget that you want to realize ...

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Are Drones Right for Your Business?

Three things to consider before investing in drones

Drones seem to be everywhere nowadays, especially in the mapping and construction industries. Manufactures make bold claims about accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. While it’s true that drones can be cheaper and faster than on-the-ground surveyors, they aren’t right for every project or for every firm.

Here are three things to consider before investing in drone tech.

1. The size of your projects

Because of limited battery life, drones can only be ...

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Dread the Follow-up Call?

4 Tips to Make Follow-up Calls a Success

You’ve done the parcel and title research, written the survey proposal, and submitted it. Time to sit back and wait  for a response. If they like it they’ll call you, right? Sadly, no. Even if you’ve written the perfect proposal for land surveying services, your work isn’t over. You need to follow up.

Research has shown that success rates for business proposals increase by 20% with even just one call. But making that call can be tough, especially ...

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