qfactor-slider1Unlock and Expnad the Potential of QuickBooks®For QB Advisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Corporate Finance TeamsQfactor™ by BizWatt delivers QuickBooks (QB) tools that enhance reporting and client management — extending QuickBooks’ functionality to both internal and external stakeholders.

Qfactor™ gathers information from QuickBooks® to create user interfaces that are intuitive, easy to read, and provide up-to-date financial information. It’s designed for QuickBooks ProAdvisors, bookkeepers, accountants, corporate finance managers, project-based companies, and anyone else who needs a responsive and dynamic way to access financial data instantly.

What’s in a name?

Qfactor™ is named after an electrical term that measures the quality of a resonant circuit. A circuit with a “high Q” has the most number of reactive elements with the lowest resistance. We named our application Qfactor because it gives you the greatest access to your data without slowing down QuickBooks performance.

Project Managers

As a Project Manager, you can’t afford to be working with yesterday’s financial data.

With Qfactor™, financial information exists in near real-time and is housed in an accessible interface. The interface is dynamic so you can create forecasts using your most current numbers. The interface helps you figure out where and how to assign “what-if” values using either dollars or percentages. You can save different scenarios and track your projections against your results.

Corporate Finance Managers

With Qfactor™, you have instant access to the full financial picture of your company. It eliminates the need to aggregate data manually and strengthens your financial forecasting.

Qfactor™ integrates profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow information from multiple QuickBooks files, saving time and ensuring you have an accurate report of your company’s current financial status.

With its dynamic interface, Qfactor™ enables you to make financial projections and forecasts based on the most recent data.

Qfactor Features 


Extend QuickBooks® functionality and reports to internal and external stakeholders


Dynamic reporting platform for building financial planning & analysis tools. Refresh underlying QB data on demand.

Data Transfer

Manage data transfer in and out of QB. Import/Export transaction, customers, and vendors from any digital source.


Budget and performance analysis tools for department and project managers.

File Management

Manage multiple .qbw files for individual clients. Aggregate reporting with drill down capabilities.

Linking Data

Dynamically link and collect data from other finance applications and operations

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