qfactor-slider1Unlock and Expnad the Potential of QuickBooks®For QB Advisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Corporate Finance TeamsQfactor™ by BizWatt delivers QuickBooks (QB) tools that enhance reporting and client management — extending QuickBooks’ functionality to both internal and external stakeholders.

Why Qfactor?

It comes down to improving your bottom line.

  • Simply your client management
  • Free up your time to provide more services to clients
  • Increase your billable hours

Automatic Alerts

Qfactor™ provides configurable and dynamic QuickBooks® reporting, eliminating the need for finance team members to provide time-consuming updates to stakeholders. When the books are closed for the month, Qfactor pulls report data from QB and pushes it to the browser interface with an alert to the stakeholder that updates are available.

Unlimited Users + Increased Bandwidth

Not all users need full access to QuickBooks, with most non-finance folks needing “view-only access” to reports. With Qfactor™, you no longer have to give up a valuable license nor stress your security using shared logins. Qfactor gives you the ability to push report data to a secure browser interface, allowing each stakeholder (with their unique logins) to see what data matters most to them.

Qfactor Features 


Extend QuickBooks® functionality and reports to internal and external stakeholders


Dynamic reporting platform for building financial planning & analysis tools. Refresh underlying QB data on demand.

Data Transfer

Manage data transfer in and out of QB. Import/Export transaction, customers, and vendors from any digital source.


Budget and performance analysis tools for department and project managers.

File Management

Manage multiple .qbw files for individual clients. Aggregate reporting with drill down capabilities.

Linking Data

Dynamically link and collect data from other finance applications and operations

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