surveyor-slider-A2Manage your projects from the field.Qfactor™ for land SurveyorsQfactor™ for Land Surveyors by BizWatt provides instant access to all the tools and data you need to keep your surveying projects moving forward.Qfactor logo

Qfactor for Land Surveyors is an application that works with the programs you already use—Google Earth, QuickBooks, and time tracking software—to create intuitive interfaces and powerful project management tools.

Qfactor™ for Land Surveyors’ interface presents a complete picture of a property and the status of your work on it. It brings together maps, title documents, and CAD drawings, along with data from QuickBooks® and eBillity for employee time tracking. That way, you don’t need to open multiple applications and dig through folders to figure out if a project is on time, on budget, and profitable.

Qfactor brings together data and documents from a variety of sources, making them easily accesible through a single user interface. Proposals, parcel maps, drawings, photos, points of contacts easily searchable database. 

No expensive upgrade required.


Project management features tailored to your industry

Track records of survey, Assign Tasks, Automate alerts, create proposals, track properties
research_slider-1aEnter an address once to automatically receive:Current title reportsAPNParcel informationDocuments from your county assessorMapsInformation on nearby properties

In addition to keeping all of your information in one place, Qfactor for Land Surveyors migrates data between programs so you don’t need to re-enter information as you move through the stages of a surveying project from initial property research to sending your client their final bill.

Qfactor™ for Land Surveyors will also create a Google Map of all the properties your company is working on, color-coded by their status. A single click will launch Google Earth to give you a topographic view of the parcel.

The best part of Qfactor™ for Land Surveyors is that it uses your existing software ecosystem. This means you don’t have to invest time and money changing  software. Qfactor works with what you already have and, with its intuitive interface, will adapt as your needs change and your business grows.

With Qfactor™ for Land Surveyors you’ll spent less time behind a desk and more time in the field.

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Qfactor™ for Land Surveyors was created to help keep your business moving forward. Call Fred at (805) 459-4047 to learn more about how we can improve your bottom line.

What’s in a name?

Qfactor™ is named after an electrical term that measures the quality of a resonant circuit. A circuit with a “high Q” has the most number of reactive elements with the lowest resistance. We named our application Qfactor because it gives you the greatest access to your data without slowing down application performance.