Accurate Tracking. Less Stress. More Profit.

Software Highlights

  • Simple integration with Quickbooks and TSheets, the data is automatically synced with Qfactor from then on. No downloading, no manual update process – unless you want to.

  • For the Project Manager – one stop view of estimates, documents, time entries, profitability, percentage complete, and points of contact for any project. Stay on time, within scope and on budget.

  • For the Finance Team – project specific information for time entries and invoice are automatically provided to the project manager – without them having to ask for (or be provided with) access to QuickBooks.

  • Custom Project Statuses with color coded placemarks for Google Maps.

  • Bar Graph showing number of projects in each active status in linear fashion, click on the bar to get an easily searchable list of projects.



  • Project location in Google Maps with Lat/Lng, quick link to Google Earth
  • Site access and location details
    • Assessor Parcel Number (APN) / Property Tax ID
    • Lot, tract and subdivision
    • Section, Township, Range, and County Control System (CCS)
  • Timeline of milestone events
    • Proposal requested, sent & signed
    • Requested completion date, project start, hold and completion dates
  • Critical Points of Contact
    • Assigned project roles – know who is responsible for what
    • Company name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Time entries, profitability and percent complete reports
    • View all project time entries, who did what and when, fully searchable
    • Profitability report comparing time entries against estimates
    • Qfactor calculates percentage complete for you
  • Quickbooks billing customer information and project invoicing
    • Estimates, proposals, key documents, and images
    • Project notes with timestamps and which team member entered them


Easily Build Estimates & Proposals 

Our proposal builder and project services estimator works off templates and Quickbooks service items and billing rates.

    • Create templates for services, includes/excludes, headers & footers, images, signatures lines.
    • No need to re-enter project specific information, use merge tags in the templates and Qfactor will auto-populate client, addresses, APNs, etc from the project information.
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Qfactor™ for Land Surveyors was created to help keep your business moving forward. Call Fred at (805) 459-4047 to learn more about how we can improve your bottom line.

What’s in a name?

Qfactor™ is named after an electrical term that measures the quality of a resonant circuit. A circuit with a “high Q” has the most number of reactive elements with the lowest resistance. We named our application Qfactor because it gives you the greatest access to your data without slowing down application performance.

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