bizwatt-slider-0Unlock and Expnad the Potential of QuickBooks®For QB Advisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Corporate Finance TeamsQfactor™ by BizWatt delivers QuickBooks (QB) tools that enhance reporting and client management — extending QuickBooks’ functionality to both internal and external stakeholders.BizWatt logo

Salesforce, BaseCamp, QuickBooks—these applications manage aspects of your business, but they don’t always play well with each other. They create data siloes that make big picture planning, forecasting, and reporting difficult and cumbersome.

At BizWatt, we solve those problems, not by introducing expensive new systems that require extensive training, but by facilitating data sharing among and user access to the applications you’ve already invested in.

How do we do that? We take a client-centered approach that begins with holistically understanding your company’s organization and where your data management systems are creating resistance or slowing down performance. Then, we use the BizWatt platform to set up a data ecosystem that will respond to your company’s needs and eliminates those points of resistance.

Now you can spend time on what really matters: building your business.


BizWatt founder, Fred Dyste has over 30 years of experience working with startups and early stage companies. He is able to respond to the particular needs of a diversity of companies because, over the course of his professional life, he has been involved in an array of ventures, products, and services. This gives him a broad perspective on a variety of industries and an ability to identify market niches, product needs, and implementation strategies. He can also multi-task in finance, operations, and sales & marketing and is the developer of Qfactor.

BizWatt: Consultants that speak fluent “entrepreneur.”

  • From Tim Williams, the CEO of Digital West Networks: ``I truly respect a person that can engage in a deep conversation about business strategy one minute, then see him taking the trash out to the dumpster the next minute because it needed to be done. Fred is someone I respect and he does recognize what it takes to get the job done.``

  • From Rick Stollmeyer, the CEO & Founder of MINDBODY Online: ``Fred worked first for MINDBODY as a consultant, analyzing myriad financial and operating data and providing several excellent recommendations to help manage our growth. Fred then came on as a regular employee managing our Operations Department during a period of rapid growth. Fred's work ethic, forthrightness and managements skills were all exemplary.``

  • From Sean Collier, the Co-Founder of Shopatron: ``Fred and I have built a strong relationship from working together many years ago. He is a very strong person to add to any team -- from product conception to operations controls. I feel privileged to have worked with him the past and look forward to doing so again in the future.``

Go Beyond Bookkeeping

The Ideal Tool for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors benefit from using QfactorYou already have QuickBooks®, why do you need Qfactor? Qfactor™ enables you to create a dynamic and responsive interface that customizes client access to financial data. This eliminates the monthly logjam of creating individual reports from QuickBooks files, converting them to pdfs, and emailing them to clients.

Now you have the time and tools to expand your services to include to financial forecasting and expert accounting advice. And Qfactor™ will help you with those services too. Qfactor™ has powerful financial forecasting tools that use data from QuickBooks to create financial projections and enable you to run through different scenarios with you client.


What makes BizWatt different?

BizWatt uses a unique platform to integrate and facilitate access to all of your disparate applications. In other words, we’ll work with what you already have. If a custom application turns out to be necessary, we will make it part of your Bizwatt platform. That keeps development costs low and ensures the custom app is integrated into your data management system.

Turn resistance into capacity. 

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