Finally: Project task management that works for surveyors like you.

NEW! Qfactor’s Tasklist feature helps you track tasks and communicate updates automatically — eliminating waste, delay and confusion

Surveyors: Have any of these happened to you?

  • Have you ever lost money or missed a deadline because your team forgot to complete a task (or two, or three) on a project?
  • Is your team frustrated due to bottlenecks in your project workflow?
  • Have your employees ever dropped the ball on a project due to miscommunications?
  • Do you wish it was easier to onboard new employees and have them quickly up to speed with your project workflow
  • Would you like to keep your employees on-task without micromanaging?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,
then Qfactor’s Tasklist feature may be perfect for

“Our firm is always looking for ways to improve our systems and standardize our processes. To combat the frustration we experienced bouncing between multiple cloud and folder locations searching for project files, images and documents, we invested in Qfactor for Land Surveyors.

As we’ve become more and more familiar with its well-organized project management features, we asked that a Tasklist be added to streamline our employee’s user experience and help management see what wasn’t getting done.

Fred and Ryder, the developers of Qfactor, have been fantastic to work with! They surpassed our request and have continued enhancing the new Qfactor Tasklist feature while also going a step further by working on detailed reporting to assist with the everyday management of orders. We now have a way to streamline our company’s workflow and save time as all of our staff is using the same system for file and project management. Thanks Qfactor!”

Alison Mitchell, Operations/Sales Manager
Dart Land Services | Houston, Texas

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As you already know, writing SOPs (standard operating procedures) is one thing: measuring and monitoring adherence can be the big challenge. That’s where the power of Qfactor comes into play: Your existing processes can be easily transcribed into Qfactor Tasklist Templates. And once in, you can start creating and modifying new projects from existing templates, ensuring accurate scheduling.  

With Qfactor, when you create tasklist templates (some may call them “checklists”) for each of your services and assign tasks and due dates to employees, you can easily measure what’s getting done and, more importantly, what’s not getting done. And notifying your employees of changes to their task scope or deadlines happens automatically, ensuring less chance of communication breakdowns delaying your projects!

So how does the Qfactor Tasklist feature work?

Qfactor’s Tasklist feature allows your company to create a detailed tasklist specific to each of the types of services you offer, standardizing work processes and helping to ensure your proposals are accurate and your workflow is profitable! 

Qfactor tracks and communicates information about tasks to be completed throughout the company

Notifications are automatically sent to team members when tasks are assigned and on the task due date

All tasks are displayed on a Calendar (with filter display options), allowing you to see other projects, tasks and assignments assigned to you, your employees or across the company at large

Each team member is assigned a task with a due date and time. Completed tasks are time-stamped with the name of the user who marked it as complete

When a task list item is completed, the project advances to the next status — which triggers an automatic notification to designated internal stakeholders

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Tasks can be viewed on the calendar filtered by User or Completeness.

This calendar shows projects based on milestone dates entered in the project details.

The example below will notify the project manager, accountant (based on CONTACT ROLE), and Tom Mott, the owner of the business, as a USER. Each field can have more than one value. When any project changes to Proposal Signed status, notification emails will be sent out to each party. The email has a link back to the project.

When a user is added to a project and assigned a role, an email notification is sent out notifying the user. 

There are two Tasklist notifications. The first one comes when tasks have been assigned to a user. 

The second tasklist notification is a daily reminder of tasks due TODAY.

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