California Surveyor Magazine Article – “Better Writing for Increased Profits”

How Digital Is Changing Proposal Writing

For land surveying projects, the proposal writing process can be daunting, time consuming and inefficient. However, there is an upside: The more proposals you submit, the more work you get!

Obviously, each proposal needs to be thoroughly researched and well written. But often, clunky spreadsheets and word document software are used to create and revise ...

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Your Proposal Was Accepted. Now What?

Congratulations on landing that big project! Now that it’s time for work to get underway, here are some steps you can take to ensure a good relationship with your client and manage the project smoothly.  

Onboard the Client

Onboarding is the processes of welcoming a client into your business. On one level, it involves administrative tasks like entering their information into your accounting software and adding their project to your project management applications, but on another it’s about ...

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The Key to Growth: Standardize Processes

It’s a big decision to commit to growing your business, one that involves careful planning. You need to set specific growth targets, seek out financing, and expand your team’s skill set. At some point, it will feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s because there aren’t!

To gain back precious hours, you need to delegate tasks and standardize your business processes so they are repeatable and scalable.

An influential study on scaling up ...

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Qfactor Tip: Find Projects for a Customer


Qfactor can help you find all OPEN projects for a customer. Qfactor can also quickly find every proposal, project, or archived for a customer, all at once.

VIDEO DEMO of Find Projects for a Customer, click here.

Or follow the screenshots below.


Find Open Projects

Select Projects from top menu or View Projects from the Dashboard.

Use the Search box and type any part of your Customer’s name.

The view will show OPEN projects for that customer.

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Qfactor Tip: Autocomplete Addresses


Qfactor utilizes Google Map addresses so that when you begin typing in any Address box, the address begins to autocomplete.  You’ll see a list appear and you can select from the list.

VIDEO DEMO of Autocomplete Addresses, click here.

Or follow the screenshots below


This ensures that valid addresses are entered.  In addition, it provides the latitude and longitude coordinates which help pinpoint the project ...

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Avoid Cash Flow Problems

There is nothing more stressful than eking through payroll with fingers crossed, hoping you have enough cash on hand. Of course, businesses sometimes need to operate close to or even in the red, especially during periods of rapid growth, or long-term projects with milestone or progress payments. It’s not sustainable in the long run and is the main reason businesses fail. A U.S. Bank study found that 82% of the time businesses fail the culprit is cash flow.

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