Qfactor Demo Login Instructions

As promised, you’ve been sent a user invitation to Qfactor’s demo site so you can ‘kick the tires’ before buying. Keep a look out for an email from ‘qfactor@bizwatt.com.’

If you found this blog and would like an invitation, email us to request one at fdyste@bizwatt.com.

Since this is a demo account, we’ve only populated a few projects with proposals, contacts, and documents. Once you’ve logged in, you can click on the ...

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Qfactor Product Update – July 5th, 2020

We’ve updated Qfactor with some new features, functionality, and improvements. Some of these changes were made due to feedback from our customers. Please keep sending your ideas to us. This is your software.

Today, (July 5th, 2020) also happens to be BizWatt LLC’s 4th anniversary!

The Short Version of Updates

  1. Map of Projects – Status Placemark Legend and Filtering have been added as well as map view altitude adjustment.
  2. Contact List of Projects – Menu Item Account -> Contacts has a new ...
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Stay Competitive Through Real Estate Partnerships

Fluctuations in the housing market over the past decade have created tough conditions for land surveyors, and staying competitive in a challenging market requires new approaches to  marketing your services.

One way to make the most of your time and resources is to look for strategic partnerships with local real estate companies.

Why Should You Partner With Local Realtors?

Realtors are in a position to recommend your services to individuals looking to establish property boundaries or to ...

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Qfactor Tip: Create New Project


Qfactor allows you to create a new proposal or create a new project.  This gives you the flexibility to utilize the proposal features or skip right to projects.  Whatever way suits your business needs.  This example will walk through Create New Project.

VIDEO DEMO of Create New Project and Add Contacts, click here.

Or follow the screenshots below.


Create New Project

Select Create New … Project from top menu.

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Qfactor Tip: Manage by Status

Statuses can be very powerful and a helpful tool in project management.  Qfactor provides a number of ways to manage by status including:  Status Chart, Proposals/Projects Views, and Search All.  Following are examples of each.  And at the end is a tip on how to quickly update a status.

VIDEO DEMO of Manage by Status, click here.

Or follow the screenshots below.

BONUS VIDEO of Update Status, click here.



Status chart summarizes all proposals and projects.

Select Status under Dashboard or top menu.

Click on ...

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California Surveyor Magazine Article – “Better Writing for Increased Profits”

How Digital Is Changing Proposal Writing

For land surveying projects, the proposal writing process can be daunting, time consuming and inefficient. However, there is an upside: The more proposals you submit, the more work you get!

Obviously, each proposal needs to be thoroughly researched and well written. But often, clunky spreadsheets and word document software are used to create and ...

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