Still Using Paper for Time Entry? Excel?

Is it Saturday?
Are you once again trying to update payroll and projects?
Would you like your Saturdays back?

Time Tracking Made Simple

Time entry mistakes cost businesses millions, especially in industries like land surveying that require tracking billable hours for multiple clients. If you are relying on paper time cards, Excel spreadsheets, or programs that can’t talk to your accounting software, you’re  already familiar with the giant time suck that is manual data entry. Relying on ...

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Are You Undervaluing Your Land Surveying Services?

Land surveying technology has vastly improved since George Washington first dragged a chain across Mount Vernon. GPS, CORS, VRS, and now drones have made taking measurements more accurate and efficient. As you adopt greater efficiencies, it makes sense to pass along savings to your clients so you can remain competitive and not be outbid. But are you selling yourself too short?

In your enthusiasm to exploit these new efficiencies, don’t forget that you want to realize ...

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