Qfactor Demo Login Instructions

As promised, you've been sent a user invitation to Qfactor's demo site so you can 'kick the tires' before buying. Keep a look out for an email from '' If you found this post and would like an invitation, email us to request one at Since this is a demo account, we've only

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“Better Writing for Increased Profits”– California Surveyor Magazine Article

For land surveying projects, the proposal writing process can be daunting, time consuming and inefficient. However, there is an upside: The more proposals you submit, the more work you get! How Digital Is Changing Proposal Writing Obviously, each proposal needs to be thoroughly researched and well written. But often, clunky

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The Key to Growth: Standardize Processes

It’s a big decision to commit to growing your business and one that involves careful planning. You need to set specific growth targets, seek out financing, and expand your team’s skill set. At some point, it will feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s because there aren’t! To gain back precious

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Avoiding Cash Flow Problems

There is nothing more stressful than eking through payroll with fingers crossed, hoping you have enough cash on hand. Of course, businesses sometimes need to operate close to or even in the red, especially during periods of rapid growth, or long-term projects with milestone or progress payments. It’s not sustainable in the long run

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Strategies for Accurate Estimates

Although estimates are a staple of any solid proposal, they can be the source of numerous headaches. Depending on the scope of the project, preparing potential costs can be tedious and time-consuming. Furthermore, if your initial estimates prove to be inaccurate, a previously professional relationship with a client might turn sour. Yet, with the

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Setting the Proposal Scope

In my last blog post, I provided an overall view of the elements of a proposal and how having a clear, accurate proposal can guard against scope creep. Now, I am going to zoom in on crafting individual parts of the proposal. In this post I will focus on the scope of services portion

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