Qfactor Tip: Find Projects for a Customer


Qfactor can help you find all OPEN projects for a customer. Qfactor can also quickly find every proposal, project, or archived for a customer, all at once.

VIDEO DEMO of Find Projects for a Customer, click here.

Or follow the screenshots below.


Find Open Projects

Select Projects from top menu or View Projects from the Dashboard.

Use the Search box and type any part of your Customer’s name.

The view will show OPEN projects for that customer.

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Qfactor Tip: Autocomplete Addresses


Qfactor utilizes Google Map addresses so that when you begin typing in any Address box, the address begins to autocomplete.  You’ll see a list appear and you can select from the list.

VIDEO DEMO of Autocomplete Addresses, click here.

Or follow the screenshots below


This ensures that valid addresses are entered.  In addition, it provides the latitude and longitude coordinates which help pinpoint the project ...

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