Qfactor provides customer information showing if projects are invoiced, paid or with a balance due.  First, find all projects with status “Project – Invoiced”.  Next, filter by Customer Balance Due to find any with a balance due.  If a balance due is zero, then the Customer has paid.

Watch the VIDEO DEMO of Invoiced, Paid, Balance Due 

(Or follow the screenshots and step-by-step instructions below.)

  • From the top menu, select Status.
  • Select Project-Invoiced column in the chart.

  • Select the up/down arrow in the Customer Balance Due column to Filter by Customer Balance Due.  Click twice to see the list descending.

Now you have a list of all customers who have been invoiced, AND have a balance due, showing you the highest balances due first.  If the balance due is zero, then they have paid.


  • To find a specific project, stay on this view and use the Search box in the upper right corner.
  • Begin typing the project and watch if it shows up in the view.  If it doesn’t show, then the status is not “Project-Invoiced”.
  • You can then delete the search box contents and search for another project.
  • You can easily see which customers are paid or have a balance due.

(Side hint:  Remember you can also use SEARCH ALL to find a single project.  You can then check for the status equal to “Project-Invoiced” and if there is a Balance Due.)

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