Qfactor provides a multitude of options for searching and finding.  The simplest and most all-encompassing way is SEARCH ALL.  As the name implies, it will search all proposals, projects, and archived.

Watch the VIDEO DEMO of “Search All” below

(Or follow the screenshots and bullet points below.)

  • Select SEARCH ALL from the top menu bar.

  • Then begin typing in the Search box. That’s it.

  • You can search for anything contained in any of the columns on the screen.

For example search for:

… project code or name,

… or partial address,

… or customer,

… or zip code,

… or city,

… or partial status,

… or project manager,

… or any date.

Anything in any column can be searched.

When you find your project, click on the BLUE and get to the Proposal, Project, or Archived details.

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