Fluctuations in the housing market over the past decade have created tough conditions for land surveyors, and staying competitive in a challenging market requires new approaches to  marketing your services.

One way to make the most of your time and resources is to look for strategic partnerships with local real estate companies.

Why Should You Partner With Local Realtors?

Realtors are in a position to recommend your services to individuals looking to establish property boundaries or to build a new home, especially when a land survey is legally required to start construction.

Yet relying too heavily on individual contracts can also mean extra time spent preparing single surveys for clients who won’t need your services again for years (if ever). This is where partnering with a local real estate company can have another benefit: these types of partnerships can lead to larger multi-lot contracts when a realtor is managing the development of a new subdivision or community expansion.

Here are some ways to start building your relationships with real estate companies in your area.

Do a Short Presentation for Their Staff

Offer to visit the office to give the agents some helpful information and tips about land surveying that they can use to better serve their customers. Then use the opportunity to demonstrate why realtors could benefit from your services and drop off brochures.

Meeting with real estate companies can also provide valuable insights into the kinds of tools, services, and other perks they expect from the surveyors they work with normally. This will not only help you stand a better chance of winning their business in the future, but also gives you an inside look at what your competition may be offering that you aren’t (and vice versa).

Position Yourself as a Go-To Resource

Keep in touch by sending occasional emails with helpful surveying tips or information the agents can use when assessing properties. This not only helps keep your business in mind for when they need surveys, but also further positions you as a reliable source of information and expertise. Additionally, these regular communications can be an easy way to keep local realtors informed about any new tools or technology you can offer, as well as certifications or staff training that may set you above your competition.

Using a project management tool like Qfactor for Land Surveyors can help you keep track of these contacts, and it also saves time when sending RFPs and contracts since potential realty clients’ information will already be stored in your system.

Emphasize Convenience

You can set yourself apart from your competitors if you can offer fast, accurate surveys. Not because you rush through the surveying, but because you’ve made your data and projects management processes efficient.

Investing in something like  Qfactor for Land Surveyors not only helps you manage proposals, contracts, and ongoing projects internally—it also makes communicating with clients a smoother process. In addition to storing important contact data, Qfactor will automatically manage completed and in-progress survey reports, title documents, and CAD drawings. It will then send all relevant materials to the client as soon as their invoice is marked as paid, ensuring a quick and reliable turnaround on projects of all sizes.

Using Qfactor to streamline these processes can give you a competitive edge, prompting real estate companies to see you not just as a surveying service but also as a way to save time and money on future projects.

Learn how Qfactor can help your company save time, save money and increase profits.