Qfactor Demo Login Instructions

As promised, you've been sent a user invitation to Qfactor's demo site so you can 'kick the tires' before buying. Keep a look out for an email from 'qfactor@bizwatt.com.' If you found this post and would like an invitation, email us to request one at fdyste@bizwatt.com. Since this is a demo account, we've only

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When (and How) to Include “Exclusions” in Proposals

In my last post, I described how to set clear expectations in the scope of services section of your proposal. Expectations can be further clarified in the “exclusions” portion, in which you describe to your client what you aren’t going to do. Sounds a little weird in a proposal, right? However, exclusions are just another

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Setting the Proposal Scope

In my last blog post, I provided an overall view of the elements of a proposal and how having a clear, accurate proposal can guard against scope creep. Now, I am going to zoom in on crafting individual parts of the proposal. In this post I will focus on the scope of services portion

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Elements of a Strong Proposal

Scope, Deliverables, and Profitability Have you ever completed a project only to have the client call you and ask why there aren’t stakes driven into the corners of their property. Weren’t they also supposed to get hard copies of those CAD drawings? Don’t they get to keep the photos you took with your drone?

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