Did you know …  Qfactor shows you projects without a Project Manager assigned?

Watch this VIDEO DEMO of  “Projects without a Project Manager”

(Or follow the screenshots and bullet point steps listed below).

  • Select Projects from top menu.

  • Filter by Project Manager.

  • All blanks in the Project Manager field need a Project Manager assigned.

Assign Project Manager

  • Find the project from the list above that needs a project manager, click on the BLUE and get to the Project details.
  • Select Contacts tab.
  • Select Add Contacts.

  • Use the Search box to type in the name of the Project Manager.
  • Select a project role from the drop-down box (probably Project Manager) and select ADD.

That’s it.

You can check your Projects list again and filter/sort by Project Manager and update any remaining projects without a Project Manager assigned.

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