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Time Tracking Made Simple

Time entry mistakes cost businesses millions, especially in industries like land surveying that require tracking billable hours for multiple clients. If you are relying on paper time cards, Excel spreadsheets, or programs that can’t talk to your accounting software, you’re  already familiar with the giant time suck that is manual data entry.

Relying on manual data entry opens the door to expensive errors and makes it impossible to know if a project is on budget or profitable until the final timesheet is submitted. In other words, until it is too late to change course. To avoid losing money, wasting time, and being kept in the dark when it comes to type tracking you need 1) to ensure employees are regularly tracking their time and 2) integrate time tracking into your overall project management data ecosystem.

Regular Time Tracking

The key to accurate time tracking is to make it a daily habit. Companies have devised all kinds of ways to get their employees to track time from incentives like drawings with cash prizes to punitive measures like withholding paychecks. However, research has shown that the best way to get people to track their time is to make it easy and to remind them regularly. Send out regular reminders or encourage employees to add reminders about time entry to their work calendars. Qfactor for Land Surveyors allows you to quickly check the status of your projects from its accessible dashboard. If a project is reporting lower than expected time expenditures, nudge your employees to keep up with tracking their time.

Integrating Time Tracking into Project Management

When someone logs even a quarter hour on a project, that project’s budget changes. If your time tracking method isn’t synced to your accounting software, you won’t be able to see the overall picture of a project’s budget without manually entering or reentering information. Every time you do that, you introduce the possibility of an error. Not to mention, you waste time—time you can’t bill to a client.

Project management tools like Qfactor for Land Surveyors integrate your accounting and time tracking apps, generating a dynamic interface so you can see — in real time — where your project stands in terms of time spent and total costs without digging through files or opening additional programs. Qfactor integrates TSheets/Quickbooks Time and Quickbooks Desktop and Online so, within an hour of approval, time entries show up in the project’s overall budget and that data is seamlessly migrated into Quickbooks for payroll processing. That way you don’t have to toggle between apps or wade through a pile of paper time cards.

Qfactor for Land Surveyors also migrates that data when you’re ready to prepare your final bill, making bill preparation more efficient and reducing costly errors. It also means a late time submission won’t completely derail the process. With Qfactor for Land Surveyors you know in an instant if a project is within budget, on time, and profitable. A quick Google search reveals millions of tips for accurate time tracking, but it all boils down to avoiding human error. The best way to do that is to track time regularly and to integrate your systems to avoid data entry errors. Qfactor for Land Surveyors assists you on both fronts.

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